Finding Your Voice Through Exploration & Creativity: January 2023

Finding Your Voice (Saturday Classes)


Class Size: 20
January 7, 2023 through February 4th, 2023
1pm - 4:30pm EST

20 in stock

This 5-day workshop meets on 5 consecutive Saturdays, giving each participant plenty of time to investigate and explore the topics from each week’s class.

Are you someone who goes off script? In other words, whenever you purchase someone’s design, are you always thinking of other ways to make it?  Do you wish you could create your own works of art?  Have you ever bought someone else’s design and thought – I wish I could do that?  Or – I like it, but I wish it was more _______________?  If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions, this is the perfect workshop for you!  Finding Your Voice is specifically created for those who want to express themselves but aren’t sure where to begin or how to guide your vision.

Through a series of exercises, we’ll do a lot of soul searching, investigating, looking at other people’s work, finding what appeals to us, while always asking the question “Why?”

This workshop is an intensive dive into your individual creativity, so the class is limited to just 20 participants.

This is a 5-day virtual workshop via Zoom that meets every Saturday for 5 consecutive Saturdays. The demos are recorded and sent to each participant once they've been uploaded.

Workshop Length: 5 Saturdays


1st Class

What is “your voice” and how do you find it? What does that even mean?
The first class will be all about getting to know your artistic self a bit better and identifying what you’re drawn to and why.  Through a series of exercises, you’ll explore and investigate what inspires you, what kinds of art are you drawn to and why.

2nd Class

Having identified what we are drawn to, and why, we’ll do exercises to expand on this knowledge and tackle issues that hold us back.  By following the influences we love, we can learn a great deal about ourselves, determine what we want to create and understand our motivations better.

3rd Class

Techniques: What crafts do you love? Is there anything they have in common? Are you more comfortable working with one medium over another? Or do you want to embrace all the possibilities? This week we’ll explore collage, quilting, felting, dyeing, fiber art, etc.

4th Class

Finding things that inspire: objects, shapes, organic matter, people, places, things?  Through a series of exercises, we will explore what motivates us and what doesn’t.  Knowing what doesn’t inspire us is as valuable as finding what does.  What topics interest you? What are your passions?  What makes you happy?  Do you collect things? If so, what? What impulses do you want to express?

5th Class

Finding your artistic voice is a process.  In our final class we’ll explore how we can leverage all the things we’ve learned and discovered, apply that knowledge to our current projects and continue to work toward creating art that is a unique expression of ourselves.

We will have a weekly stitching prompt, to further explore what speaks to us the loudest and most often.


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We cannot give refunds, but if notified within 48 hours of signing up we will give you a credit for another workshop.

Where is this workshop held?

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For your convenience, and as an added bonus, I offer a recording of the workshop, though its quality is not guaranteed. As it is via Zoom, the recording is not as hi-res as my Youtube videos.

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No, this is an infringement of copyright law and is not allowed. These designs, templates, patterns and instructions are for your personal use ONLY, and cannot be made for resale.

We encourage you to tell others about the classes though so that they can learn too!

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