Stitch Along: Dorset Button Scissor Case

Stitch Along: Dorset Button Scissor Case


Class Size: 20
July 6th to 9th
1pm to 5pm EDT
Kit pictured is a sample only.  You will be given several choices to choose from once you enroll.
This Stitch Along! This 4-day virtual workshop via Zoom is an intensive crash course in hand stitching, Dorset Buttons and making a Scissor Case from start to finish all in one! You will learn how to make variations to the standard Dorset Button, as well as lots of other fun techniques. This is an action packed workshop that covers technique as well as how to add your own individuality making this scissor case uniquely yours. The exclusive design, templates, pattern and instruction booklet, not available anywhere else are included.  Thread Kits include all the embellishment threads needed, including the Oriental Linen, and Fabric kits, which include linens, Pat Pauly’s hand dyed linens and my own hand dyed linens (enough to make TWO cases) cotton lining, fleece interfacing & 2 round mirrors.
Join me and let's stitch and create some Dorset Buttons AND a scissor case together!
*Thread kits AND Fabric kits can be purchased separately and are available ONLY to the participants of this workshop.
All times are in New York Time Zone, please adjust to your time zone.
For international shipping, please order by 1st June.

This is a 4-day workshop. Please adjust to your time zone. It will be EDT not EST

Day Plan

Day 1

Our first day we will embellish our background using the techniques I have created.  Embellish both front and back of the scissor case. If we have time we will begin to embellish the wool circles on the front of our case in preparation for our Dorset Buttons.

Day 2

Finish embellishing the wool circles on the front of our case.
Learn how to use the Whipped Woven center as the foundation to add other stitches such as Drizzle Stitches, French Knots, beads and ribbon.
Learn how to create tree trunks and branches.
How to add Bullion Knots on the outer edge of the ring.
How to add a round mirror to a Dorset Button.

Day 3

Begin embellishing the wool circles on the back of our case.
Learn how to add Cast On Bullion Knots to the outer edge of the dorset button ring.
How to create more tree trunks and branches and variations on these.

Day 4

We will finish embellishing the wool circles on the back of our case.  We will finish and review any of the dorset buttons that are left.  How to attach the Dorset Buttons to our background and ways to make sure it is attached so that it doesn't move around.
We will discuss how to finish.  Putting in the zipper and lining.

A note on the kits

Please note: You can add both kits or just one. International Shipping is extra and the cut-off date for shipping internationally is four weeks before the first class.

Please note, this will be in EDT not EST, as it's in the summer time.



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