Stitch Along: Dorset Button Glasses Case

This Stitch Along!
This 4-day virtual workshop via Zoom is an intensive crash course in hand stitching, Dorset Buttons and making a Glasses Case from start to finish all in one! You will learn how to make variations to the standard Dorset Button, as well as lots of other fun techniques. This is an action packed workshop that covers technique as well as how to add your own individuality making this glasses case uniquely yours. The exclusive design, templates, pattern and instruction booklet, not available anywhere else are included.  Thread Kits: more than 40 different threads, including the Oriental Linen, and Fabric kits, which include linens, Pat Pauly’s hand dyed linens and my own hand dyed linens (enough to make TWO cases) cotton lining, fleece interfacing & Micro-Fiber Poplin to be used in place of the cotton lining if you choose. This material is similar to the cloth used to clean glasses for those who want to use this case for their glasses.
Join me and let’s stitch and create some Dorset Buttons AND a glasses case together!
*Thread kits AND Fabric kits can be purchased separately and are available ONLY to the participants of this workshop.
All times are in New York Time Zone, please adjust to your time zone.
For international shipping, please order one month prior to the workshop start date. 

Day 1

Day 1 begins with whipstitching the wool circles down. I will demonstrate how to stitch the wave portion of the front and back, using Aurora threads and Oriental Linen.  We will work on perfecting those bullion circles and how to make the organic shapes that create dimension to the piece. I will teach you how to make a traditional Dorset Button and as there are 9 of them for our background, you’ll get lots of practice! We will cover how to wrap the ring, what to do if your thread runs out, adding a new length of thread no matter where you are in the process, making spokes and, finally, the whipped woven center. This will be an excellent warmup for the more complicated Dorset Buttons we will be making for the Front and Back.

Day 2

We will begin embellishing the wool circles on the front of our case in preparation for our Dorset Buttons. After finishing the embellishment stitching for the wool circles on the front of our case, I will teach you how to use the Whipped Woven center as the foundation to add other stitches such as French Knots, and/or Drizzle Stitches, beads and ribbon. Learn how to create tree trunks and branches and all the different ways in which these can be manipulated to create lots of different effects. Our goal will be to create most of the Dorset Buttons for the front of the case.

Day 3

We will finish up the front of our case and begin embellishing the wool circles on the back. Add Cast On Bullion Knots and Bullion Knots to the outer edge of the ring.  Create more tree trunks and branches. Create all the Dorset Buttons for the Back of our case.  Learn a couple of ways to attach the Dorset Buttons to our background and how to make sure it is attached so that it doesn’t move around.

Day 4

Today is all about finishing up.  We will stitch the rest of the back, and attach the remaining Dorset Buttons.  I will show you how to sew the whole thing together, adding a Dorset Button and elastic closure or, if you prefer, a zipper.

A note on the kits

I am selling fabric and thread kits for this project.  If shipping internationally, the cutoff date is four weeks before the class.

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Last run of the workshop

April 5th to 8th
1pm to 5pm EST

This is an older workshop

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