On the Other Hand: YouTube Stitching Tutorials, Tips, Live Streams!

On February 20th, 2020 I posted my first YouTube video. It was a video demonstrating how to needle turn applique, but left-handed. Since then I’ve posted over 200 videos on a wide variety of subjects:

Stitching Tutorials – learn how to do a specific stitch.

Exploring the Creative Process – discussion and demonstration regarding design, composition and color.

Livestreaming – a combination on how to do a certain stitch, using those stitches in a design, as well as concentrating on a specific thread and how to incorporate that thread within a design.

New York City Adventures – Join me as I explore one of the most iconic cities in the world, and my home for the past forty years!

That’s a whole lot of videos and it all began because I was so frustrated by the lack of videos for left-handed people like me. Almost immediately I knew I’d hit on something much bigger than that though. I love designing and the process of exploration AND I love teaching. I’ve been a designer for most of my adult life, so I decided this was a way to talk about design, using shape, color, texture and creating interest with a wide variety of fabrics and stitches, while also encouraging those who love hand stitching, but may feel fearful of going off the beaten path.

I call what I do Improvisational Stitching. There’s nothing quite as fun as diving into a new piece without any preconceived idea of where I’m going and just stitch! So come along with me and let’s explore!

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