The Basics

This is a two-day workshop: July 21st & 22nd, 2022 1:00pm – 5:00pm EST

Welcome to the world of hand stitching!  Learn how to use a variety of fabrics layered onto linen or wool, then embellish them with different threads, ribbons, buttons and beads to create a beautiful, original Art Piece. 


This is a two day, intensive workshop

Fabric & thread kits are available! Each kit is unique and include the fabric, threads, needles & silk ribbon listed in the materials list except for the lightweight fusible and quilting cotton.  If shipping internationally, please add international shipping and order before June 21st, 2022

  • Stitching basics – the difference in needle types and why one is easier than another for which stitch.
  • Design basics
  • Sketching out an idea
  • Playing with colors.
  • The basics of stitching and layering.  
  • How to whipstitch wool and needle turn fabric. 
  •  Beginning to embellish with threads, beads and other materials.

Event Timelines

Day 1

Our first day we are going to get familiar with our tools. Needles: which needles for which threads, and stitches. Threads: thread weights, different thread types, and the stitches that do or do not work with a specific thread. An overview of other tools that are nice to have. Design Basics: A brief look at composition, the elements to consider when working on a piece. Color: how color can change the mood of a piece, what colors call attention to themselves and which colors work well with each other. How to whipstitch wool, cork, bark or other non-fraying material onto a background fabric. How to needle turn cotton, linen, velvet, silk.

Day 2

Day 2 is all about embellishing. We cover a number of basic, must know stitches and explore how to thread a needle, begin a thread, end a thread, what to do if you run out of thread in the middle of a stitch and how to attach a new length so that it doesn’t show. We will play with lots of different threads and introduce some of the more “look at me” stitches such as the Bullion Knot, Cast-On Bullion Knot, Drizzle Stitch and other fun stitches that will create drama and interest in your work.

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Last run of the workshop

July 21st to 22nd
1:00pm to 5:00pm EST

This is an older workshop

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