A Stitching Safari: 5-Day Workshop

A Stitching Safari: 5-Day Workshop

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Come along with me as we explore the beauty of African Kuba Cloth inspired designs. While traveling in Africa I fell in love with Kuba cloths made of raffia. In this 5-day workshop we will be using Pat Pauly’s hand dyed linens, which she made specifically for this workshop and that is offered as a fabric kit exclusively to the workshop participants.  Each fabric kit is made up of two original Pat Pauly linens measuring about 18” x 18”. Once you sign up for this workshop you will receive a special link that will take you to Pat’s website where you can purchase the kit, unavailable to non-participants. Interpreting what inspires us, composition, elements of design and lots and lots of techniques are demonstrated and explored in this intensive, hands on 5-day class. Prepare to explore, take risks, and have FUN!

This is a 5-day virtual workshop via Zoom. The demos are recorded and sent to each participant once they’ve been uploaded.

Time: 1pm - 4:30pm New York Time

Event Timelines

Day 1

A brief look at Kuba Designs, originally created using Raffia. How do you take something that you find inspiring and reinterpret it so that it’s your own? This will be explained and demonstrated. We will discuss the various ways to take a design and add it to our background using needle turn applique, piecing, freezer paper or drawing directly onto the fabric. I will help each person to create a design for their background fabric. We will discuss abstract versus representational art and everything in between. By the end of class each participant will decide whether they want to do an abstract or representational piece.

Day 2

Today we concentrate on design elements and design composition and how each can help us create something that is an expression of ourselves. How do we create a conversation, what is our piece saying? How to listen to our piece, how to respond. We will discuss the use of color. What does color say to us? How do we feel about specific colors? What colors do we avoid and why? Using color, line, shape and space will change how we view our piece and how we proceed.

Day 3

Techniques. Exploration, investigation and PLAY! This class is all about learning different techniques to help us express what we want. A few things that will be demonstrated: using thread and stitches to enhance or hide an area, using color to balance and add focus. Using shape and depth to create interest and to continue the conversation. A discussion that includes introducing other materials, layering and making it up as you go, will round this day out.

Day 4

Is it flowing together? Is everyone playing nice? Do we have any divas or bullies that are demanding the spotlight or pushing everyone else around? How to turn the volume down on that diva so that others can be a part of and not destined to be background singers. Balance, composition, focus, all of this will be discussed and so much more.

Day 5

Where to go from here? How do we know when it’s done? How do we finish it? Framing, floating, quilting, backings, facings, bindings and much, much more will be covered in our final day together. I will present lots of ideas and give examples of how to finish your piece so that you come away with something you love.


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January 7th to 13th
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