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Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui at the Brooklyn Museum is not to be missed.  Running through August 3rd, it features more than 30 pieces by the Ghanian sculptor, El Anatsui.

Detail of "Drifting Continents" by El Anatsui ~ Brooklyn Museum

Detail of “Drifting Continents” by El Anatsui ~ Brooklyn Museum

The detail above is such a wonderful example of perspectives.   As we were walking through the show, I overheard someone exclaim, “But it’s just a bunch of metal tops!”  And I thought – and we’re just a bunch of cells and water!  But step back and we are so much more.   I am always thinking about things in terms of neurology and autism.  Our culture tends to see autism and those who are Autistic as less than, but if you move away from this thinking, there is great beauty.  (I write about all of this in much greater detail on Emma’s Hope Book.)

Here is another view of the same piece ~ “Drifting Continents”

"Drifting Continents"

“Drifting Continents”

The beauty of the piece is in both the details and in the magnificence of it, as one steps far enough away to view it in its entirety.  Below is a detail of the piece, Gli (Wall) which greets you as you enter the exhibit.

El Anatsui ~ Gli (Wall),  2010 Aluminum & Copper Wire

El Anatsui ~ Gli (Wall), 2010 Aluminum & Copper Wire

A portion of Gli (Wall)

A part of Gli (Wall)

It is majestic…

Gli (Wall), 2010 El Anatsui Aluminum and Copper Wire

Gli (Wall), 2010 El Anatsui
Aluminum and Copper Wire

Gravity and Grace… what a wonderful title for a show that exemplifies both.

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