My mother hasn’t sent me anything in a few days other than requests for rain, which I’ve done my best to accommodate, but I only have so much reach when it comes to the weather. Speaking of which, it’s in the upper nineties here in New York City for the next couple of days and then will plummet into the mid to high seventies before rising back up. At least this is what we’re being told by meteorologists, who have the cushiest job ever, in my opinion. What other career allows you to be completely wrong more than 50% of the time and still hold onto your job? So much so that there are even a whole bunch of memes out there, like this one.

So, yeah.

But all of this hot weather means that staying inside continues to be a good idea, which means, hand stitching! Here’s what I’ve been working on.

And then there’s this one, the linen was hand dyed and given to me by the very talented Pat Pauly using Painters Threads, Stef Francis threads and The Thread Gatherer Threads. … so much fun!

To summarize: The weather isn’t cooperating, but hand stitching is always there, waiting for us.