I’ve been alive for over half a century and  have witnessed a great deal of beauty as well as tragedy, both personally and in the world.  However the current political climate is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  The take away from the past three months is that we Americans are as divided, if not more so, as we’ve ever been.  Our planet and its people are in jeopardy and we Americans are in crisis.  Even those who backed the current administration seem unable to accept that their man has won and leave it at that.  There is a combative rage that masks the fear and despair of so many.

What I find most helpful in coping with my concern regarding the world and our place in it, is to take action, speak out, write letters and postcards, make phone calls, join protests, get involved and take at least a couple of daily, anonymous, kind, actions toward another human being.  And then, with whatever time I can carve out, I create.  Every day.  I work on something, whether it is my Ode to Matisse Quilt, which I’m now free motion quilting (yay!) or working on a block of the month or throwing pots or painting or sketching out new ideas, I create.  Every day.  It’s the thing that has always saved me over these past 56 years.  I create.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a fine artist.  I loved pen and ink, but also acrylic paint.  I studied with the great Nate Oliveira, who also happened to be a close friend of my parents.  While at Parsons School of Design, one summer I took classes at the Art Institute of Chicago.  I painted, drew, designed, sewed, embroidered, knitted, wrote…  I have explored many different artistic mediums, but in the end, I kept going back to designing, whether it was hand knits, fashion or jewelry, design was what I did, more often than not, to earn money.  But fine art, is always there, somewhere in the background informing it all.

Last month I took out my paint brushes and began painting again.  It’s been years, no decades!  I’d forgotten how much I love it.  The following images are all collages with acrylic paint and a variety of other things, such as pastel, ink, torn newspaper, cardboard, etc.




On the Horizon







Wishing everyone a peaceful day filled with creativity and ART!