Dedicated to all of you who are in areas of the world where the heat is the only topic anyone’s talking about.

From the south there’s this one:

“It’s hotter’n a blister bug in a pepper patch.”

And this one:

It’s so dang hot, I just saw a hound dog chasing a rabbit and they were both walking.

This youtube video, which if you have delicate sensibilities is probably not for you, is silly and some of the jokes fall flat, but one can blame it on the heat.

I had to add this one, because… well who doesn’t hum this when everyone starts talking about how insanely hot it is?

In other news I continue to stitch away despite the heat and warnings from ConEdison that New York City is in danger of losing power, yet they still keep lighting up all the massive signs in Times Square, but ask that residents conserve and turn their air conditioners down, which we’ve dutifully done.

I’m wishing all of you a pleasant and not too hot day!