Two New Workshops Added!

Two New Workshops Added!

The Dorset Buttons Workshop was a huge success! As a result I am doing another and have added a Dorset Button II workshop for those who’ve completed the first and/or feel they have a working knowledge of how to make a traditional Dorset Button.

Dorset Buttons Gone Wild Workshop: Wednesday, March 24th 2-5pm EDT.  $60. This includes a recording of the entire 3-hour class that you can refer to whenever and as often as you like.

This 3-hour workshop includes making a basic Dorset Button, various ways to start a new thread if your thread runs out at any point along the way, including while wrapping the ring. Adding different threads to make the spokes, as well as how to make the whipped woven center.  We will then be adding french knots/colonial knots/drizzle stitches and Bullion Knots/Cast-On Bullion Knots around the outer edge. This workshop is hands on, and will take you through each step of making a Dorset Button for both left handed and right handed stitchers.  

The second workshop is:

Dorset Buttons Gone Wild Part II:  Wednesday, March 31st 2-5pm EDT. $60 This includes a recording of the entire 3-hour class that you can refer to whenever and as often as you like.

This workshop is for those who’ve already taken the Dorset Buttons Gone Wild Workshop and/or have a good working knowledge of how to make a basic Dorset Button.  We will NOT be going over the basics, but instead will be going rogue, incorporating all kinds of other materials as well as changing the way we make the spokes so that you can make “tree-like” Dorset Buttons, as well as more abstract looking buttons.  

For those of you who are interested in either workshop you must send payment via Paypal, Venmo or Zelle using my email address: and be sure to specify which class you’re signing up for.  Be sure to tell me which you are signing up for or if you’re signing up for both, so I can reserve your spot.  For those of you who live outside the United States, I accept personal checks, but you will need to tell me so that I can give you the necessary information. 

Traditional Dorset Button leaving the ridge on the outer edge.

Once everyone had mastered that, we moved on to adding stitches such as french knots, a drizzle stitch and bullion knots and cast-on bullion knots around the outer edge.

A traditional Dorset Button with Cast-On Bullions around the outer edge.
Using beads and buttons.
A Dorset Button like this one will be covered in the Dorset Button II workshop.
More Dorset Buttons Gone Rogue!

If you’re interested in either or both workshops, please leave me a comment or reach out to me via email to ensure you have a spot reserved.

For both classes you will need some rings, of any size, but to begin use the ones that are around 1/2″ or so as they will be quicker to wrap than if you start with something that’s over 1″ in diameter. For the Advanced class any size ring will work. Have threads of various weights and types on hand. I suggest both a #18 and #24 Chenille Needle, a tapestry needle in those sizes will work too, as well as a #3 and #1 Milliners needle for making wrap stitches.

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