For those of you who’ve followed my Travelogue vlog, the following conversation will make complete sense, for everyone else maybe not so much…

“Did they take blood?” I asked.

“There’s no blood test to see if you have cyanotoxins?” my husband told me.

“How’s that possible? They should have taken blood.”

“It wouldn’t have mattered because there’s nothing that can be done if I do have an infection.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” I said, even though I do not hold a medical degree.

“Sunburn and a torn ligament,” he replied.

“I have one word for you… “

He said nothing.

“Chartreuse,” I said. BOOM!

And so it goes. My poor husband. Thankfully it wasn’t anything worse. The torn ligament will heal over time and the sunburn, if in fact that really was what was causing his swollen, angry red ankles, has already dissipated.

In other news our flight home went off without a hitch. In fact it was as good a flying experience as one can have in these crazy times we live in, pandemic and all.

I gave a workshop the day after we returned home and am giving the Advanced Dorset Button Workshop this coming Saturday. As I will not be offering this workshop again, take it while you still can! If you want to sign up for it, do, there’s still space. We will be making Dorset Buttons like this one:

Cherry Blossoms

And this one:

Next week I am giving my The Basics Workshop, which I have also made kits for.

X-mas Came Early

And this one:

Summer Lilacs

In other words, when you sign up and opt for the kit, you will receive everything you need for The Basics Workshop.

And finally I’m going to end with this adorable video from my mother, because Mom’s videos are always a great way to end a post or anything else, for that matter. ❤️